Kulamangalam Road from Meenambalpuram to S. Alangulam is uneven and full of potholes. Motorists find it very difficult to drive on this stretch. Students find it hard to ride their cycles and sometimes fall on the road injuring themselves. The authorities should relay this road immediately.

Malligai Mannan,


Provide bus stop

While welcoming the introduction of a bus route No.75D (airbus) from Tirunagar to Melur via Simmakkal, it is requested that this bus service must be stopped at Meenakshi Mission Hospital on both directions for the benefit of patients and visitors. When passengers coming in outstation buses from Chennai, Tiruchi, Rameswaram, Tirunelveli and Nagercoil could get down at the bus stop, why can’t the city buses?

Shanmuga Subramanian,


Garbage dump near ‘uzhavar sandhai’

The ‘uzhavar sandhai’ near income tax office at Chokkikulam is one of the biggest, drawing a large number of people daily. The waste thrown by vegetable vendors over the sidewalls into the adjacent street accumulates into a heap and emits a foul smell. A school is also situated nearby. The garbage poses a health hazard to the residents living nearby. I request the corporation authorities to install large waste bins and instruct the vegetables vendors to throw the waste only into them. The bins should be cleared everyday.



Facilities on the periphery

Madurai must have all facilities on the periphery also. Broadening of roads, laying of cement roads, construction of commercial, government and educational institutions only inside the Corporation limits will not serve the purpose.

People living near the city in villages and small towns migrate to the corporation area for higher education, employment and for other amenities.

This results in congestion in the core areas of the cities, forcing the original residents to share the infrastructure and amenities with the migrants.

Hence all civic works must be executed in suburbs on a par with the corporation areas. A. Vivekanantham,


Total prohibition

The campaign for total prohibition by Pattali Makkal Katchi leader S. Ramadoss is welcome.

But in the event of total prohibition being enforced through a legislation, illicit distillation will be rampant in rural areas.

Further, loss of revenue incurred on account of total prohibition may have to be offset by enhancing taxes on essential commodities.

V. Govindarajalu,