After a long period of upswing, the price of rice has started declining in the retail market.

The best quality of boiled rice (Karnataka Ponni) is being sold at Rs. 40, which was priced at Rs. 47 per kg about a week ago. The price of same variety of rice (new) hovers around Rs. 36, down from Rs. 40. Similarly, the price of raw rice (Karnataka Ponni) is Rs. 48 per kg, which was being sold at Rs. 52 a few days ago. The new arrival of same variety is priced at Rs. 40, say retailers. The price of ADT 39, commonly used for preparing idly, has also come down. One kg of ADT 39 (old) has dropped by two rupees to Rs. 30 compared to last week. The new arrival is available for Rs. 25.