R. Srikanth

Lack of vacant land is a problem for TNEB in setting up transformers

CHENNAI: Residents of suburbs, who cite the lack of sub-stations, transformers and junction boxes as a reason for power disruptions in their locality, are ironically reluctant to have them installed near their houses.

Lack of vacant land for the purpose is a major challenge for the Tamil Nadu Electricity Board. One of its officials in Madipakkam says the Board is ready to install transformers and junction boxes, but the residents have often objected to transformers being installed near their dwellings. "Residents complain of low-voltage fluctuations and power disruptions all the time, but when it comes to providing space for installation of transformers, they back out," he points out.

The TNEB also faces difficulty in establishing sub-stations owing to the non-availability of vacant land. Most owners are unwilling to sell their property, despite the TNEB's offer of market rates.

The delay in setting up a sub-station in West Velachery is a classic example. Residents of Adambakkam and west Velachery are facing frequent power disruptions and voltage fluctuations. The TNEB proposed to establish a sub-station and identified a vacant land belonging to the Chennai Corporation in 2005.

Even after two years, the sub-station is yet to be established, as the civic agency is not ready to part with the property.

Federation of West Velachery Residents' Welfare Association president A. Ramaswamy blames both the Corporation and the TNEB besides elected representatives for not pursuing the matter seriously.