Submerged track

If you thought rainwater puddles were restricted to potholed streets, you are mistaken. On Wednesday night, when Chennai experienced heavy drizzles accompanied by thunder and lightning, the roads became wet and at a few places there were puddles. But the extent of rain the city became apparent at the Egmore Railway Station where the track for platform number 2 was nearly submerged in water on Thursday morning.

A train scheduled to leave the Station from that platform around 7.30 a.m. was delayed by an hour. Overflowing storm water drains are one thing but submerged train tracks after a small spell of shower is baffling.

Why this bias?

While waiting at Vijayanagar Bus Terminus for a bus to Tidel Park on Monday, it was a strange sight the other day to see a traffic policeman yelling at an autorickshaw driver to move away from the bus stop. He did not do the same with the share autos. More than 25 unauthorised share autos operate from an auto stand causing inconvenience to the people, especially bus commuters. An auto-rickshaw driver, whose vehicle was banged by the traffic constable posted at the bus stop, wondered why the favourable treatment shown to share autos.

Celebrity in the audience

At an event to honour a celebrity activist in the city recently, an elderly person sitting in the audience gained almost as much attention as the activist. Sitting in the front row holding a lit mosquito coil, he was surrounded by the photographers who had come for the event.

He was also heard describing the symptoms of chikungunya before the event started.

The journalists present could only presume that he or someone in his family had suffered from the disease and wanted to make sure to keep the mosquitoes away.

Contributions by R. Sujatha, R. Srikanth and J. Malarvizhi.