Renovation of 138 integrated women sanitary complexes has been undertaken in the district at an estimate of about Rs.2 crore.

According to an official release, a meeting on the use of the sanitary complexes in the district was held here recently.

Speaking at the meeting, Collector Darez Ahmed said that on renovation of these complexes, they were being maintained by the users’ groups.

Each of these complexes had 10 toilets, three bathrooms, a motor room, and a water tank.

An incinerator for disposing used napkins, a mirror, and facilities for washing clothes have been installed.

The maintenance of these complexes would be entrusted with women’s groups.

Dr.Ahmed appealed to the members of these groups to enlighten the public on the facilities available in these complexes and also the ailments that the women would have to confront if sanitation is not properly maintained. Besides, the representatives of local bodies, especially women, should impress upon womenfolk to use the sanitary complex.

The collector said that it had been proposed to monitor the usage of the complexes through anganwadi assistants.

Those who took part in the meeting included K.Sumathi, Project Director, District Rural Development Agency, Sakunthala, chairperson, District Panchayat, Jayalakshmi Kanagaraj, Project Officer, Magalir Thittam, Sudhadevi, Manager, Pudhuvazhvu Project, and Rajabhoopathi, Project Co-ordinator, Nirmal Bharath Abhyan.