Social Awareness Movement has urged the district administration to clear encroachments on water bodies in the district. In a release the organisation’s founder-president J.D. Socrates has said that despite the organisation lodging complaints and pointing out the locations, the administration had failed to act on the same.

In a few instances, sections of the administration connived with the encroachers as well.

He said that in particular, in Annur, Kalapatti, and a few other places, land mafia had encroached upon Payirvalathankuttai and Nayakankuttai tanks that rightfully belonged to the Public Works Department.

The department, instead of removing silt and cleaning up the tanks to help recharge the groundwater, was allegedly facilitating the encroachment.

No action

The organisation had brought to the notice of the administration the aforementioned illegalities but it had thus far taken no action.

If such encroachments were to continue the poor would find it difficult to huts and the depletion of groundwater would get accelerated.