Special Correspondent

THANJAVUR: Farmers of Thanjavur district have appealed to the State Government to release water from Grand Anicut continuously without turn system for taking up samba cultivation in the district.

Speaking at the monthly farmers’ grievance day meeting at the Collectorate on Friday, they said that only when water was released without turn would it reach tail-end areas in all the three river systems of Cauvery, Vennar and Grand Anicut canal.

The District Collector (in-charge), N. Muthukaruppan, who presided over the meeting, said that water would be released on Saturday from Grand Anicut for samba cultivation in the district.

‘Kuruvai’ cultivation was taken up only in pump set-irrigated areas in the district this year. So far ‘kuruvai’ transplantation had been completed on 14,100 hectares.

Farmers who want to raise ‘samba’ could do so from August 10, selecting paddy varieties that have a duration of 155 days such as CR 1009. If they start cultivation after August 20, they should go for varieties which have a duration of 140 days such as ADT-38, ADT-46 and CO-43.

After August 25, they should go for ADT-39, ASD-19 and PPT-5204, which have a duration of 125 days.

V. Jeevakumar, a farmer from Royamundanpatti, said that Public Works Department, agreed to construct a retaining wall at Poovarasan canal in Konakidangalar division near Varahur. The work had not been executed. If water was released into the canal, there was the danger of floods.