The yellow metal has not lost its sheen with Gen X. Contemporary designs and stylish settings have made gold a popular choice for everyday jewellery

Madhulika Gautama

One would think that the bright sheen of the yellow metal holds no appeal for the younger generation. The truth, however, is that gold has found favour with youngsters, especially since the past year when gold prices dropped globally and India experienced a gold rush with even youngsters investing in the yellow metal for both its aesthetic and economic appeal. Moreover lately, with celebrities endorsing the precious metal on the international red carpet during the recent awards season, yellow gold has returned as one of the biggest jewellery trends for 2014. Dainty pendants, drop earrings, bold statement rings and chunky bangles or cuffs are some of the trendiest ways to sport gold this year.

A versatile metal, gold lends itself well to contemporary designs that appeal to the modern woman’s palate. While pieces featuring big geometric shapes and wild animal motifs are perfect for a night out, a lot of fine gold jewellers in the country are looking towards elements of nature to give gold jewellery an everyday contemporary touch.

Taking inspiration from the natural world, Bangalore-based Ganjam Jewellers have to their credit collections titled ‘Gerbera’, ‘Fire and Ice’ and ‘Chestnut Leaf’, with the latter being the latest offering from jewellery house. Perfect for work or even a lunch date, the Chestnut leaf collection features the five cleaved chestnut leaf in rings, pendants and earrings where the leaf motif is beautifully offset by sparkling white diamonds.

As for traditional Indian jewellery, a demand for wearable pieces has jewellers crafting lightweight gold jewellery that are a perfect interplay of the traditional and modern. Bright gemstones have replaced the omnipresent ruby and pearl to give gold a glamorous finish. Talking about trends in traditional gold jewellery, Vinod Hayagriv, Managing Director, C. Krishniah Chetty and Sons, says, “The ongoing trend is to experiment with gold jewellery, both in terms of forms as well as in combination and finish.” He adds, “For instance, the juxtaposition of the traditionally embossed or ‘nakash’ elements in jewellery on woven gold textures like basket weaves or lightweight filigree mesh creates an illusion of volume. Similarly, three-dimensional motifs placed together to form undulating surfaces, with a hint of colour provided by gemstone accents or a burnished look created with enamel – are some of the designs that we have specially crafted for the fashion-conscious customer. As for antique pieces, a black or red finish is preferred as it gives the piece a classy look making it a popular choice for even day wear.”