Owners or managers of government or private educational institutions, houses, lodges or hotels and hospitals should record names, photographs and other details of foreigners staying in their buildings with the Superintendent of Police within 24 hours.

Addressing representatives from educational institutions, owners of lodges and hotels here on Wednesday, R. Kuppusami, scientist from the National Informatics Centre, said that the Centre had planned to computerise details of arrivals of foreigners with effect from December 1.

Though all of them were bound to inform and register their arrival at the office of the SP, who was also functioning as Foreigners’ Registration Officer (FRO), they did not take it seriously all these years.

Tracking system

However, the FRO office and the airport or the sea port from where foreign tourists land were being computerised all over the country with Immigration, Visa Foreigners Registration and Tracking (IVFRT) system in order to serve them better and avoid delay in grant or extension of visas.

So, those who wanted to accommodate foreigners should obtain prior permission from the SP through ‘E’ and ‘S’ forms within 24 hours. Otherwise, action would be taken against the owners as per the law. They should also take photographs of foreigners through a web camera. They should not fail to do so under the pretext that they did not have a web camera or computer or any network system.