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Dhavakumar tried to swim to Rameswaram to inform officials about a stranded group in an islet

RAMANATHAPURAM: The body of Dhavakumar (43), a Sri Lankan refugee, who was missing since he landed at an unmanned islet a few days ago, was washed ashore on Thursday. His body was found at Kambipadu near Dhanushkodi. It is said that Dhavakumar was one of the two refugees, who tried to swim towards Rameswaram to inform the authorities that a group of refugees was strandedat an islet. While Anton Vijayakumar reached the shore, Dhavakumar went missing. He wife Daisy and daughter Kavitha have rushed to the spot.

Meanwhile, 42 refugees, who were stranded at the 3rd islet, were rescued by a Mandapam-based NGO. However, they have not reached the shore yet.