Staff Reporter

Coimbatore: The Superintendent of Police, Coimbatore District, N. Kannan said that action would be taken against those indulging in disfigurement of public places.

Mr. Kannan said that political parties should refrain from graffiti and sticking of posters on walls of government, private properties without prior permission. Those violating the fiat would be dealt with severely.

Even for putting up boards or banners, parties should obtain permission from local bodies. He warned that the boards would be removed in case of violation of rules and added that installation of public address system, loud speakers and microphone sets would be permitted only as per the Election Commission rules.

Mr. Kannan said that in the last 15 days, six persons had been arrested for selling pirated CDs, 21 persons for selling lottery tickets and four for selling ganja. They would all be detained under Goondas Act.

Remain vigilant

The Superintendent of Police also exhorted the public to remain vigilant and look for suspicious movement of individuals while carrying cash, jewellery and other valuables.

In the event of any suspicious movement, they should inform the nearby police station immediately as unjustified or unwarranted presence of strangers could lead to robbery, waylaying or chain snatching.

Mr. Kannan said that diverting the attention was the modus operandi of many criminals and advised people to be cautious, especially while coming out of the banks, ATMs.

Similarly, car drivers before agreeing to take people on trips should ascertain their identity.