Red lamps must be fixed atop cellular phone communication towers to caution aircraft of their presence, Superintendent of Police J. Rajendran said here on Friday.

He said that lightning conductors must be fixed on tall structures such as radio and television transmission towers and windmills.

Since there was an airport functioning at nearby Vagaikulam and Indian Coast Guard unit in Tuticorin, besides a naval base in adjoining Ramanathapuram district, a large number of aircraft and helicopters were using the airspace in the region.

So red lights atop cellphone towers would caution aircraft flying low and prevent them from crashing into the towers at night, Mr. Rajendran said.

The cellular phone tower infrastructure dealers, and land and house owners on whose property the towers were erected had been told to install the lights.

They had also been instructed to operate the lights at night and the sky was overcast.

It was mandatory to display important contact numbers for emergency on the towers. The red lights and lightning conductors must be fixed within a month, Mr. Rajendran said adding that consent must be obtained from the police for erection of new towers.

He said that 301 towers out of 645 towers in the district had been equipped with lights. The directive was issued to 85 cellphone tower infrastructure dealers and building owners, Mr. Rajendran added.