Coimbatore Tirupur District Micro and Cottage Entrepreneurs’ Association has appealed to Coimbatore Corporation to reconsider its decision on covering micro industries in the city under the Dangerous and Offensive (D and O) Trade Licences.

Association president S. Ravi Kumar has said in a press release that the units have lathes, CNCs and milling machines. Many of these units are registered units. The Corporation has now asked the units to take the Dangerous and Offensive Trade Licence. “We are not against registering with the local body or paying the licence fee. But, the micro units should not be covered under the D and O licence,” he said.

Further, the professional tax should not be implemented with retrospective effect. Some units are operating for the last two or three decades, he said.

The industries here are affected by slowdown in orders, power cut problems, and financial crisis.

The tax should be only from the current financial year and not with retrospective effect, he said.