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STINKING WOES:Sewage stagnating in front of the kerosene oil depot of the Cooperation Department at K.K. Nagar puts off the public.
STINKING WOES:Sewage stagnating in front of the kerosene oil depot of the Cooperation Department at K.K. Nagar puts off the public.


The stagnation of sewage water at the entrance of kerosene booth of the Cooperation Department at K.K. Nagar is posing hardship to the public. Consumers find it difficult to enter the booth. I request the authorities concerned to lay pipelines for the free flow of sewage water.

C. Saravana Kumar,



The pathway with shelter constructed from Amma Mandapam Ghat to Rajagopuram in Srirangam is mostly occupied by people coming for teashops near bus stand, milk vendor, and flower vendors, and they create difficulty for the people who walk on the pathway. In addition to it, during morning hours, water is sprayed by the lodge persons and other shopkeepers which gives more trouble. Some people makes the pathway very nasty and strong stench always emanates on the stretch between the Cauvery bridge and Amma Unavagam. The authorities should take strict steps and provide hassle-free walking for the people who use the pathway.

V.M. Sivasubramaniam,


Queue gets longer

Devotees cannot enter the Srirangam temple by the front door. Backdoor entry is now legitimised. We cannot go beyond the Dwajastama. Even in the Hindu households, the backdoor is shut as it is inauspicious. On the Ekadasi day, we went to the temple to worship purappadu at 9.15 a.m. If we go and stand in the queue backdoor, we will never have the seva. There are gates and locks every where. We had to beg to gain entry. If this is the case on the normal day, we shudder to think of visiting temple during Pagal Pathu. For senior citizens, it has become impossible to have a “darshan” of the main deity.

S. Sivaraman,


Visitors and devotees coming to Renganatha Swamy Temple, Srirangam, can have a hassle-free darshan as mentioned in The Hindu 27.9.2013 (New Queue system adopted at Srirangam temple). Whenever the sannidhi is opened after a brief closure, there is heavy crowd and the devotees have to stand for long in the torrid zone before they have the darshan. So, wall-mounting fans, potable water taps, and adequate seating arrangement may kindly be provided for the devotees.

P.K. Raman

Ayyappa Nagar.

Stray cattle

Even after the incident of a woman being bitten by a stray horse on Shastri Road, we still see all kinds of stray animals on the road. They pose a lot of hardship to women like me who go for early morning walk. The corporation should put an end to the stray animal menace.

R. Lalitha,


Glaring errors

It was a novel idea by the postal department to organise a Philatelic Exhibition at Sri Rajan’s residence on Gandhi Jayanthi day. But the data regarding Gandhi’s visit and other details were all wrong. Many stamps issued by Indian posts were missing and photographs were exhibited instead. The mistakes were glaring. Tiruchi has a philatelic society and some of its members have done extensive research on Gandhi. I am sure that the postal authorities know about this and they could have used their expertise in this, rather than someone who has no idea.

Dr. V.Ramaprasad,

Dindigul Road.

Stops skipped

It has been seen that buses proceeding from Chathiram bus stop to Thuvakudi daily do skip some stops. Consequently, the number of passengers goes on swelling at these bus stops. I request the authorities concerned to instruct the bus driver to stop at every bus stop to pick up the passengers.

M. Sathish Kannah,


We have more industrial units located in Thuvakudi and in Mathur. The best part of it is many companies have units in both areas. So, a direct bus between Tuvakudi and Mathur (up to university) will help working public in both areas and allied business people. The bus can go via BHEL Nehurunagar /OFT/Annanagar to help local public. The same way direct bus from either Thuvakudi/boiler to Srirangam via Tiruvanikovil, avoiding Gandhi Market, will help. Likewise, a straight bus from either Thuvakudi/Boiler to Samayapuram via Tiruvanaikoivl, avoiding Chathiram Bus Stand, will benefit the public.

G. Nallasivan,


Source of nuisance

Mobile tiffin centres (vegetarian and non-vegetarian) on the roadside from Khajamalai Colony to K.K. Nagar are on the rise. The quality of the food is substandard. It has become a source of nuisance for passersby. Moreover, owners of many houses have started raising unsafe structures for these shops and rent them. I request the Tiruchirapalli City Corporation to impose restriction in mobile tiffin centres as well as the unauthorised structures.

B. Balaji,


Build subway

The railway line has divided two segments Edamalaipatti Pudur and Karumandapam without having any level crossing. Most of the people cross this railway line to the other end at great risk. I request the authorities to construct a subway at the railway line at the earliest.

R. Kathan,


Unethical BSNL

It seems that BSNL offers many value-added services to the customers. It is a good idea. But at the same time without the consent of the mobile phone users, BSNL is in the habit of taking money for providing value-added service. This is highly unethical. The unauthorised way of taking money from the customers’ mobile phone is condemnable. Even if we send “STOP SMS” to 155223 as prescribed, it is not stopped. One finds it difficult to contact customer care, as we hear only music on many occasions without any proper response. Many BSNL customers are switching over to other service providers. Request BSNL to take action to stop this kind of unauthorised activity before the customers are forced to move the consumer court.

V. Sundararaju,

Srinivasanagar South.

Auto fare

While in Europe, I read that Tamil Nadu took action to implement Supreme Court order on fixing fare meters for autorickshaws. I felt happy but I find the autorickshaws are defiant to follow the rules. We wonder which is the invisible hand preventing orderly return to sane transactions on the road.

T.M. Renganathan,


Endless wait

Customers undergo mental agony when the staff in-charge becomes absent in the MIS counter, Teppakulam Post office. At those jigsaw times, they are reverted to RD counter, wherein the existing queue gets multiplied. The designated staff picks up the MIS books from the clients and ask them to wait for sometime tentatively. Customers, specifically the lackadaisical senior citizens, are in a melancholy, since there was no place for them to get seated. Considering their age factor provisions has to be made to make them feel comfortable with a good seat and a fresh airy atmosphere. I urge the authorities concerned in the office of Senior Superintendent of Post Offices to take steps in this issue and do the needful.

K. Aravind,


All-round pollution

Because of rapid urbanisation, construction and demolition works are in full swing even in residential areas. Material used in construction sites cause pollution. High noise levels adversely affect sleep, concentration, learning performance, mental and physical health. Authorities should ensure that builders take steps to prevent noise and dust from causing nuisance. Noise from all construction activities should be restricted by implementing strict measures onsite. Equipment used for construction work must be the quietest to the level best. All noisy construction work activities must be carried on between 8 a.m. and 6 p.m. There should be no working on Sundays.

K. Suresh Babu,

Raja Colony.

No seats

Many people wait at the bus stop on the Khajamalai Main Road (SAIL Godown Road). But the bus stop here is small and without seating arrangements. I request the corporation to renovate this stop.

Layaq Ali,





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