Employment exchange

Candidates register their names with the employment exchange offices with the hope to get a job as per seniority of date of registration. But posts of various departments are filled up by the recruitment agencies such as TNPSC and TRB which conduct competitive examinations. In such circumstances, candidates who have registered with the employment exchanges are uncertain about getting a job. Hence it should be made mandatory that a good percentage of posts in various departments should be filled up with candidates who are in the waiting list for appointment with the Employment Exchanges. By doing so, the government is doing justice to the job seekers and the employment exchanges could also serve the purpose for which they were instituted.

K. Chelliah,


Burglars’ target

House-break ins have become commonplace in Tirunelveli. Newly-developed colonies have become the target for burglars, especially when the occupants are out of station. The police have announced that those who leave the town should inform them in advance so as to enable them to deploy police on special duty. Yet people are not confident about the protection and security offered by the police and start blaming on the police for failure in catching the thieves. People in towns are not ready to inform the police if they happen to find any suspects in their streets. Residents living in remote areas should jointly arrange for their own security personnel until more houses are built and occupied.

R. Donjeba,


Congestion at Nagercoil station

The large number of trains that pass through Nagercoil get delayed owing to insufficient manpower at the station. To put an end to inconvenience caused to passengers owing to the delay, some of the important trains that pass through Tirunelveli can start from that town — for instance the trains bound for Coimbatore in the morning and night and the weekly Chennai Express on Sunday. Since there are only a few trains starting from Tirunelveli junction, it could be done. Moreover, the Nagercoil-Bangalore Express and Pondicherry weekly express, announced in the last railway budget, may start from Tirunelveli.

K. Praveen,


Perilous junction

This is to inform the authorities that the road junction close to Authoor on the Tuticorin-Tiruchendur highway in Mukkani in Tuticorin district poses danger to the motorists since the junction does not have proper traffic islands or signals. Incidentally, the reason why the previously laid traffic islands were removed from the junction is not clearly known. I request the authorities to look into the issue and take steps to establish proper traffic islands and lights.

P. Senthil Saravana Durai,


Traffic snarl

This has reference to movement of heavy vehicles in the twin cities of Nellai-Palai. At present, the State-owned SETC buses are filling up diesel in the private petrol pumps in Vannarpettai opposite Circuit House Road. To reach this petrol pump, the buses take a right turn from the Science Centre Road near Kokkirakulam bus stop to enter Trivandrum Road.. As this road is always busy, the traffic gets jammed when heavy vehicles turn right. Hence, the traffic authorities may instruct the SETC buses to enter from the South Bypass Road, Chellappandian roundabout and go towards west in a free-left movement. This change may ease flow of traffic to some extent at Kokkirakulam bus stop area.

Sithavethem Kanthasamy,


Brutal murder

The brutal murder of Principal Suresh by students inside a college has come as a shock. This incident clearly indicates a lack in security arrangements in most of the self-financing colleges in our State. Due to the competition, the college managements concentrate only on filling up the seats, unmindful of other aspects. There is no use in increasing the number of colleges every year without any control over them to improve their infrastructure. If this trend is allowed to continue, this type of cruel incidents could not be averted. So this is the time for the policy makers to act urgently to prevent recurrence of such incidents.

S.J. Sylvestine,


Well done

Super cyclone ‘Phailin’ crossed the coast last Saturday. Efforts taken by the state governments, Central government, and other agencies are commendable. Evacuating nearly 7 lakh people to safe locations is a Herculean job. But they were done. Citizens too cooperated well for this temporary relocation. Credit goes to the National Disaster Management cell for integrating the efforts. On the whole it was a well coordinated effort to face nature’s fury. Kudos to all those who worked for minimising loss of lives.

J. Edison Devakaram,


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