Repair bridge

I am residing at Balasubramanian Nagar in 99th ward, which was previously the 21{+s}{+t}ward of Tirupparankundram panchayat.

The only bridge connecting Tirunagar (98th ward) and our area is in a bad shape.

Nearly 75 per cent of wall of the bridge is damaged.

I request the authorities concerned to repair the bridge before any untoward incident happens.

S. Muthukumarasamy,

Balasubramanian Nagar.

Levy tax proportionately

The Madurai Corporation collects a sum of Rs.900 as tax for the supply of drinking water for one year.

But, water is supplied on alternate days, i.e., for six months only for the last few years.

Hence, the tax should also be collected proportionately for six months and not for the whole year which amounts to exploitation.

K.R. Rajendran,

Mahal 2{+n}{+d}Street.

Create traffic signals

Traffic is increasing heavily and there is no proportionate posting of traffic policemen to ease congestion on all roads.

More traffic islands and automatic traffic signals have to be created, especially at important places, as vehicle users care the least for pedestrians.

Besides, zebra crossings should also be made near all schools and colleges.

More traffic policemen have to be posted to regulate traffic at places like Bibikulam, Fatima College junction and East Gate.

The present traffic congestion is solely because of the shortage of traffic policemen. Will the officials do the needful?

R.G. Rethinam,


Set right damaged slabs

On the footpath of A.V. Bridge across the Vaigai, the stone slabs are not even. Many slabs are protruding and those using the pavement find it very difficult to walk.

Hence, they walk on the road which results in traffic congestion, and minor accidents occur every day.

I request the authorities to fix the stone slabs properly or lay concrete pavement.

V. Jeyaram,

Reserve Line.

Wastage of water

On my way to Lakshmi School from Othakadai, I find water being wasted as most of the stretch of agricultural land has been sold now, and so water from Othakadai canal is left

to flow on the open ground. All the canals dug for water transportation have been closed in that area and now only 3-4 agricultural fields are there. I request

the authorities to take necessary steps.

P. Megharaj,

Y. Othakadai.

Virattipathu road must be widened

The stretch of the Theni main road between Virattipathu and Achampathu is very narrow.

The road has many curves, posing a threat of accidents.

Private and government buses are plying in high speed on this stretch. Officials must widen the road immediately.

G. Chitti Babu,

Velmurugan Nagar.