Partial mechanisation

Scavengers manually clean roadside drains and leave the sludge on the roads for days. Dried up particles from the sludge pollute the air. As full mechanisation in cleaning of drains might lead to workers losing jobs, partial mechanisation can be considered. The sludge can be taken away immediately.

V. Ramalingam,

Thattanchavady Post

Power supply

Every time there is a lightning or strong wind, power supply is disconnected to prevent electrocution. However, in areas like Reddiarpalayam, power supply is restored only hours after the rain and wind stop.

Jacob Vincent


Not the best way

There are many ways to protest an issue. But, a bandh is not the best way as it affects normal life in the town. Traders say this every time political parties call for a bandh.

But now, it is odd that traders themselves have observed bandh seeking protection from extortionists. A few months ago traders observed a bandh when the VAT on food items was increasd by ten per cent.

B. Balasubramanian,


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