Income Tax booklet

I contacted the Cantonment Circle Income Tax Office to get a gist of Income Tax laws applicable for the current financial year.

In the last budget the tax laws have been drastically rationalised.

I could not get a booklet even for a price that used to be available in the past with worked out examples, covering capital gains too.

Will the department make it available immediately?

C. Renganathan,


Political leaders

The 10 expelled MPs are yet to pack their bags but the Election Commission has declared its readiness to conduct the by-elections.

Going by the quality and credibility of the political parties across the country, it is almost certain that candidates to be fielded and got elected are in no way going to be better.

The seats have fallen vacant because of a unique and peculiar reason.

Parliament can consider passing a resolution, authorising the President to nominate persons to fill up the vacancy.

It would be ideal if people of integrity, honesty and sincerity are chosen out of professionals in disciplines like law, medicine, science, engineering, commerce etc.

Even an amendment to the constitution is worth the consideration for doing away with the by-elections for Parliament and Assemblies.

Dalmiapuram Ganesan,


Traffic violation

In Tiruchi, many autorickshaw drivers seldom wear proper uniform.

They are mostly intoxicated. The share autorickshaws carry more than permissible number of passengers.

The traffic police do not take any action but they are very particular only in checking the two-wheelers.

Will the police authorities take necessary action to control auto drivers?



Escalator facility

The Railways is planning to have escalator facilities in Chennai Central station at an outlay of Rs.3.5 crore.

Most of the platforms of Chennai Central station are easily accessible to the passengers.

The authorities can invest this money in some other stations where the public reach platforms using staircases.

In Chennai Egmore, the public use staircases.

Instead of having escalators in Chennai Central, the administration can invest the amount in Egmore.

Will the southern railway administration ponder over this suggestion?

H. Ghouse Baig,


Traffic regulation

Samayapuram Tollgate is almost a junction at the further end of the city from where roads for places like Ariyalur, Thuraiyur, Salem and Chennai diverge.

There is a broad four-road with a functioning signal. But no vehicle passing through this signal follows the signal.

They just pass by neglecting the signal.

This poses a threat to lives of pedestrians and motorists since all vehicles ply at a high speed.

I wish to stress the need for a traffic police at the centre to ensure safety.

P.Ramesh Balajee,

Thiruvanaikoil, Tiruchi.