Unfit for travel

I am a regular rider on the Mettupalayam Road and due to the recent rains it has become so damaged that it is

unfit for driving four-wheelers or riding two-wheelers. The worst affected are the two-wheeler riders who have to bear the maximum impact, particularly at the Saibaba Koil Junction signal connecting the Bye-pass Road to Sivananda Colony. Hope that the officials concerned will take immediate initiative to relay the road for comfortable travel.

V. Selvakumar,

Idigarai Road,

NGGO Colony Post.

Higher-ups informed

Kind reference may please be made to the complaint by N. Radhika of Coimbatore in the `Readers Mail' column dated January 3. It is hereby informed that the complaint has been forwarded to the higher authorities of Airports Authority of India for necessary action.

G.M. Nair,


Airports Authority of India,


In safe hands

This refers to the photograph of an abandoned baby in The Hindu dated December 30. On seeing the innocent face of the baby, I had no option but to shed tears. The blame has to be put on her parents... If they cannot bring her up, why are they giving birth? But wondered how could they abandon her that after seeing the face of the cute child? What made me to get back is the fact that she is safe in an orphanage. I can't easily forget that charming face.

R. Pravin Chandar,

P.S.G. Tech.

Traffic block

I am working as Head of the Department of a college in Kovaipudur. During my travel to my college daily on Palakkad Road, I am witnessing the following incident: There is a dangerous curve in-between Athupalam Junction and Kuniamuthur Government Higher Secondary School on Palakkad Road. Barricades used by the Police Department are placed on both ends of the curve and a person with a yellow flag stops all vehicles carrying Sabarimala pilgrims. There is a restaurant on the roadside to cater to the needs of the pilgrims. Vans and buses are parked on both sides of the curve blocking free flow of traffic. On January 6, I informed the police control room about the traffic block and the staff who attended my call assured to look into the matter. In the interest of the residents, I request the authorities concerned to look into it and take immediate action in this


N.R. Ravisankar,

Sri Ambal Nagar,

Vilankurichi P.O.

Meaningless projects

This is with reference to your story regarding solution for water problem faced by Coimbatore suburbs, mainly Vadavalli and Kavundampalayam.

The project, which was supposed to bring Bhavani water to these suburbs defies logic. Vadavalli is located hardly a couple of kilometres away from the Siruvani main pipeline. Will the Corporation please tell us whether bringing Bhavani water to Vadavalli is easier, cheaper and more technically viable than connecting it to the Siruvani pipeline and supplying Bhavani water to Kavundampalayam and Saibaba Colony?

One can imagine the cost and time that is going to be unnecessarily frittered away by such whimsically conceived projects.

Will anyone from Coimbatore, immaterial of whether they reside in Vadavalli or R.S.Puram or anywhere else stand up and question these `wise men' who plan these `fanciful' projects?



Political issue

Railways and similar organisations are an asset to our country.

It is divided into zones and divisions purely for administrative convenience and running the Railways efficiently and not based on linguistic or political considerations.

There is a yardstick of minimum route km for forming zones and divisions. Now it is painful to note that linguistic fanaticism and political influence pay much in forming zones and divisions.

I really wonder how the proposed Salem Division is going to be in the interest of the people if Coimbatore, Nilgiris and Tirupur regions are added with Salem Division when there is a divisional headquarters at Palakkad.

The hue and cry for including Coimbatore region in Salem Division is only on political consideration and for getting benefit in the coming Assembly election.

S.R. Radhakrishnan,


Obstacles galore

The approach road to R.S. Puram Head Post Office creates problems for pedestrians. The pavement on the west side of the post office is heaped with debris since last few years.

The corner of D.B. Road - T.V. Swamy Road is always flooded with water emanating from leaking Siruvani pipeline and the unwary pedestrian gets a splash of dirty water from the passing vehicles.

Added to this, the recently built police control room occupies most of the narrow corner of the pavement on the T.V. Samy Road. Will the authorities concerned do something to remove these obstacles?

S. Rajendran,


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