Ruthless bus operators

I would like to draw the attention of transport authorities to the anti-public attitude of some private bus operators. A few days ago I boarded a private bus (route No. 30-E Sulur-Ukkadam) at Sowripalayam Pirivu bus stop on Trichy Road at 7.30 pm and asked for two tickets to the tax office stop. The conductor issued the tickets bearing No. 06141 and 06142. After issuing the tickets he told us that the bus would not stop at the tax office and that we should get down at the next stop (Chinthamani stop). When I asked for refund, the conductor refused to give it and he started abusing us when we insisted that we be dropped at the tax office stop. We told the conductor that the tax office stop was an official stop and all town buses had to stop there. He said his bus would not stop there. Have the authorities allotted different stops for bus different operators? If so, the authorities should make it clear to the public which bus will halt at which bus stop. Otherwise, the officials concerned should strictly check whether the bus operators follow the rules and regulations laid down by the transport authorities. If the operators do not follow the rules, their licence should be cancelled.

Most private buses and some State transport buses do not halt at some stops. Bus conductors behave rudely with passengers. Particularly, school children are at the mercy of these ruthless bus crew. It should be made mandatory for all buses to notify inside and outside the buses and also on tickets the name of the person whom passengers can contact and his phone number to lodge complaints against erring bus crew.

R.M. Sundaram


Poor DTH service

It is not known why the number of Direct To Home (DTH) bouquet channels in

Doordarshan have not been increased (with the existing 33 of which half-a-dozen are not activitated) ever since the service was inagurated two

years ago with a lot of fanfare. We thought that the successful launching of the ISRO INSAT 4A four months ago would enhance and improve

dramaticaly quality and quantity of programmes, but our hopes were belied.

Once a channel is switched on, there should be automatic video and audio

functioning as against the "No signal" display at present, indefinitely at times.

If the number of channels are increased three fold they will attract more people to the

DTH net.


Maraimalai Nagar.

Bad service

I would like to share a bitter experience which I am currently facing with a private service provider. I have been using this number (+91 9344602102) for the past six months. In spite of my having a balance of Rs 300 and a validity period till June 22, my phone was disconnected on June 6 without any prior warning. I could not even call

the customer care

from my phone. When I enquired with the customer care about this, I got a reply that the problem was with my instrument and not with its service. But Nokia

showroom said my insturment was working properly. Then the service provider said my phone was disconnected because of false address proof. But I had given the address proof of my residence when I bought my mobile phone. I again submitted my address proof on June 8. My mobile phone connection was about to get activated within six hours from the date of my submission. But it has not been activated till now. When I enquired about this, the customer care centre

said it was in process. I have been gettting the same answer for the last five days. On June 13 I got an intimation that my address proof and application were lost and that I had to submit them once again. I am a businessman and I am not able to communicate with any of my customers for the last five days.

Jobish T.K,


Academic awareness

Universities may kindly publish the list of institutions and courses recognised by them to prevent youngsters from falling a prey to bogus ads and suffer at the end.

K.K. Lakshmanan,

Tiruchy Road.

Performance in science

This refers to the article in Education Plus (May 29) `Performance in science declines'.

As a college teacher for the last three decades I would like to give my views on why performance in mathe

matics is below par. The reason for this is not because of the upgraded syllabus and the pattern of question of

paper but because of the method of teaching and the mushroom growth of tuition centres started by higher secondary school teachers in mathematics, physics and chemistry.

In most of the coaching centres run by the teachers students are forced to write solution to all problems in the textbook 50 times or 100 times and to reproduce the same in the public exam hall.

When the students

appear for the

examination they forget what have been tutored. The government should ban all coaching centres run by the teachers. Students can join institutions run by reputed faculty.

Further, schools should have well-equipped libraries.

N.R. Ravisankar,


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