True account of pedestrian woes

The report `Walk the extra mile for safety' ( The Hindu dated August 24) gives a true account of the woes of regular users of the arterial Avanashi Road, which is always overcrowded. It rightly brings into focus the problems faced by the pedestrians because of indiscriminate parking of two-wheelers.

Strict enforcement of traffic rules can alone ensure orderly vehicular movement and public safety. Crossing of the busy roads by pedestrians should be allowed only at zebra crossings. It is presumed that the reference made in the sub-headline and text of the above-mentioned report is to `Anna Silai' and not `Anna Salai.'

K.D. Viswanaathan,

Thadagam Road.

Valam at Tirupur

The citizens of Tirupur are thankful to `Valam' for constructing a bridge over Noyyal River. The people of Tirupur should be complemented for extending financial support to the project.


NGGO Colony.

Why not Coimbatore?

This is with reference to the report `Salem will be the second city after Chennai to have all power lines underground' ( The Hindu August 17). Good idea. Why not Coimbatore also? The wind velocity in Coimbatore is much higher than in Salem.

Even when a mild wind blows the power fails in Coimbatore. When Mumbai and Bangalore and Chennai have underground power lines Coimbatore too must have it. It does not require huge capital investment to do a good job. Dedication to work on the part of electricity board workers is what is needed.

S. Sunder,


Traffic offenders galore in city

Vehicles being driven without headlights during night are a common sight on almost on all arterial roads. Many vehicles use powerful headlamps, which is equally dangerous. One can also see vehicles entering No Entry zones. Jumping traffic signals can be seen at many places where there are no police official on duty. Buses are the main offenders. It is disheartening to note that in a city like Coimbatore such offences are taking place. Authorities concerned should take action to book culprits.

T.K. Calvin,


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