Parking problem

Throughout the world every city face parking problems owing to lack of space and also increase in vehicular traffic. Hence one has to utilise minimum space available quite intelligently. I have my office at Raja Street where there is total chaos in parking since two wheelers are parked everywhere leaving little space for four wheelers. Since in our city there are more two wheelers than four wheelers, I request the traffic authorities to allow separate parking on both sides, starting from Rajeswari Hall to Vasavi and Company and on the other side from Kasturi Jewellery to Veerasami School since the road is quite broad in this junction and can accommodate two-way traffic without any bottleneck. Parking can be interchanged for two wheelers and cars every month with the help of the shop owners who will inform the customers. The above proposal can be implemented on a trial basis.

K. Natarajan,


Crediting cheque

I would like to share my bitter experience with a leading bank. I had deposited a cheque in my daughter's savings bank account which had to be collected through clearing bank operations. Normally the amount would have been credited on the second or third day of the deposit. But even after 10 days, the amount was not credited to the account. Fortunately, I had the counterfoil of the paying-in slip with me. On verification it was found that the proceeds of the cheque had been credited to some other account. The official regretted this mistake and made suitable reverse entries. I, therefore, strongly support the view that banks should accept cheques across the counter and return counterfoil after signing and affixing the bank's stamp thereon.

V.R. Ramaswamy,


Airport parking fee

Whether it is autorickshaws or Airport Authority of India, fleecing the public of Coimbatore has become the order of the day. Will the Airport Authority of India kindly justify the abnormal parking fee of Rs. 60 for cars parked for half-an-hour or one hour when the off-season flight charge from Coimbatore to Hyderabad is just Rs. 490 exclusive of taxes?

S. Keshav,


Infrastructure needs

Time and again, The Hindu has highlighted the need for concrete steps towards creation of better infrastructure facilities to match the increased demands arising out of the city's super-fast growth in the industrial sector. The latest one has appeared in the issue of August 7 under the title 'Coimbatore needs better facilities to match IT boom'. The writing is on the wall. IT majors and ITES companies are vying with each other for establishing their full-fledged units here and it is high time the authorities planned and implemented projects which are essential to meet the extra needs that will arise in the immediate future. Otherwise, this city will also be facing the same difficulties which Bangalore is facing today.

The existing roads, water supply position, parking lots, dwelling places and entertainment facilities are totally inadequate to meet even the present requirements. So, let us not be caught napping.

K.D. Viswanaathan,

Thadagam Road.

LPG cylinder

I am one of the BP consumers who have booked for LPG cylinder for domestic use. Though IOC is supplying gas cylinders in two days after booking we are facing most problems in getting refill from the BP agencies. We have to remind the agency frequently but in vain. For example, though I have booked on July 21 I have been waiting for my turn and representations have been sent to higher authorities.

Officials should look into our problems and help in getting our refills early as supplied by the IOC.



Punish the


The action of policemen of Mallur police station, Salem, going to the house of a Dalit farm woman without a woman constable and a sub-inspector slapping her ( The Hindu , July 28) should be condemned in strongest terms. It is blatant highhandedness against a Dalit and a woman at that. The policemen concerned should be forthwith suspended pending inquiry. Those found guilty should be given exemplary punishment.

S. Venkatachalam,


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