Woes of walkers

The stretch between the telephone exchange and the Ibrahim Park on the West Boulevard Road is made filthy every morning with dung and urine, thanks to bullock carts that stop before the telephone exchange.

People going for a walk often slip and fall down. From Gaiety Talkies to Jaffar Shah Street about 50 milk vendors receive and distribute milk and make the place dirty with split milk and water.

I appeal to the authorities to look into this issue.

V. Santhanagopalan,


Streetlights neededAfter the construction of a railway overbridge at Srirangam, the stretch of Gandhi Road at Srinivasanagar stands split into two halves beneath the bridge.

Tubelights provided on the north side do not flash light on the southern passage. It has become dangerous to use this stretch at nights due to lack of street lamps.

K. Srinivasan,


Scrutiny of documents

The city traffic personnel are taking all-out efforts to verify the possession of necessary documents by the vehicle users. It will be highly appreciated if the authorities issue a `check done slip' to those whose vehicles have been cleared.

It will safeguard them from undergoing the same process as and when they are stopped once again at another point.

H. Ravilochanan,


Drainage project

When a World Bank official visited Srirangam, he told the Corporation that the bank could sanction funds only after all encroachments on roads were removed permanently.

So the Government and the Corporation notification that underground drainage work would be over soon creates doubts in the minds of the people, who had contributed a huge sum to the above project.

T. M. Renganathan,


Mosquito menace

Even before the onset of the North East Monsoon, the mosquito menace is being felt in all areas along the Vayalur Road. Previously, the Corporation used to spray insecticides to eradicate the menace of mosquitoes.

Of late, it has been stopped.

The Pollution Control Board authorities seem to have raised an objection in this regard.

The people want the Election Commission to include deleted names in the voter list before the commencement of panchayat elections.

J. Selladurai,


Help the train passengers

Trains bound for Erode and Karur leave from platform number 1-A at the Tiruchi junction. To reach the tailend, the passengers are forced to walk for nearly 400 meters from the entrance. Why don't the authorities take steps to draw the train up to the end of platform number 1-A?

Will the Tiruchi Divisional Railway Manager look into this issue as this year is being observed as a `Passengers' Amenities Year'?



Inadequate bus service

The bus service between Tiruverumbur and Senthaneerpuram is inadequate.

Mofussil and long route buses do not stop at Senthaneerpuram where a large number of industrial workers and office-goers reside. I request the authorities to do the needful.

C. Anandakumar,