Joy short-lived

On hearing the news that city buses are diverted from Kaalavaasal junction via Bypass Road to reach Periyar bus stand, we were happily thinking that the so far uncovered area would have frequent town bus services at last. But our happiness did not last long since many buses do not stop en route on this stretch. The bus crew say though the distance has increased by more than five km, there is no corresponding increase in running time.

The TNSTC authorities can increase the running time by 15 minutes for each trip.

M.S. Raghavan,


New Natham Road

The New Natham Road from Pandyan Hotel to Oomachikulam was widened under the radial road scheme spending several lakhs.

The public heaved a sigh of relief upon the completion of the project but their joy was short-lived. Immediately after completion of the work, the road stretch opposite to Ramakrishna Mutt got damaged and patchwork was undertaken. Afterwards the road near the culverts gave way owing to poor joining work and repair works were carried out.

Now, to top it all, the entire stretch has been encroached by shopkeepers. Sand has also accumulated along the roadsides reducing the metalled area considerably. Development of several colonies has resulted in increased flow of traffic on this stretch.

We appeal to the Collector, who is residing on the same road, to inspect this stretch and issue necessary orders for removing encroachments and sand on roadsides.

T. Srinivasa Rengan,


Ganga-Kaveri Express

The move to extend Chennai Central-Varanasi Ganga-Kaveri Express to Chhapra is ill conceived. This is the only direct service linking Varanasi with the south and always crowded. If warranted, a separate service may be operated to Chhapra. Though it has been converted into a superfast train since July 1, the journey time remains the same, but for a late start in the return direction. Earnest efforts should be taken to really run it as a superfast train.

K. Muthiah,


Shoes and ties

A tropical place such as Madurai does not warrant wearing shoes and ties. Students, right from small children studying LKG, undergo this trauma. Hence, when they join colleges, they are averse to dress code formal wear. I appeal to the school authorities to do away with western style uniforms.

D.J.C. Barnes,


Bad road

The Krishnapuram Colony Main Road is in a very damaged condition with potholes, causing hardship to people. Authorities must take action to improve this stretch.

P.R. Prabhu,


Weighing machine

The other day, I noticed a shrewd farmer weighing vegetable from his farm in the weighing machine installed at the bus stand, commonly used for finding out the weight of a person with a lucky card.

It will be very useful if weighing machines are installed in supermarkets, ration shops and vegetable markets such as `uzhavar sandhais' so that buyers as well as vendors can use them, leading to a fair trade.

V.S. Sankaran,


Bus shelter

The Tiruchi Corporation has provided shelters with seats in all bus stops in the Main Guard area.

Likewise Madurai Corporation should also take action to provide seats in all bus stops.

Since there is no shelter in the shopping complex bus stand, rain or shine passengers are forced to wait in the open. Will the authorities do the needful?

Shanmuga Subramanian,