Re-lay road

A median has been erected from Puthur Four Road junction up to Puthur Agraharam.

The left side of the road is full of mud and pits. Motorists could not use this part of the road.

Vehicles plying on both directions are forced to use only the right side. I request the authorities to re-lay the left side of the road.

S. Sridhar,


Interim relief

It is nearly a month since the Constitution of the VI Pay Commission.

The Railway employees are privileged to get 65 days' bonus for Deepavali. Similarly the Central Government should consider announcing some interim relief to other employees as well as pensioners.

B. Santhanam,


Trains to Bangalore

Though a train is available to Bangalore via Tiruchi (Mayiladuthurai-Mysore Express), it is not able to cater to the needs of the passengers.

While the fares in buses are high, the frequency is also low. I request the authorities to introduce more trains in the Tiruchi-Bangalore section.

G. Rajesh Gopal,


Pre-paid fare

The Collector and Transport officials tried their best to introduce meter system in autorickshaws and taxies, but only in vain. As seen in Delhi, Bangalore and Kolkata, the `pre-paid fare' system may be implemented in the city, particularly from Tiruchi railway junction and Central Bus Stand,which will be of a great help to the public.

S. Rajagopal,


Unethical practice

Almost all reputed cellphone companies are issuing advertisements offering "lifetime" incoming free calls on payment of Rs.1000, X, Y or Z at the time of purchase of the instrument. Later the customer is informed that the validity of the offer is only for 2 or 3 years. This practise is misleading. I request such cell phone companies to stop such unethical practices.

David Peniel,


School zone

The Mahatma Gandhi Centenary Higher Secondary School is situated near Tennur over-bridge. It is a congested area and children while going to school and returning home get stranded owing to heavy movement of vehicles. Also the people who go to the Electricity Board office, a nationalised bank and the Post Office go through this area. Hence I request the authorities concerned to provide 4 or 5 speed breakers and post a policeman at this point.

R.B.S. Manian,


Insects problem

A godown of the Food Corporation of India situated on the outskirts of K.K. Nagar is breeding insects, which crawl into the houses nearby. I request the authorities concerned to take effective steps to put an end to this problem.

A. Palanichamy,


Provide basic facilities

It is learnt that the Samayapuram Sri Mariamman Temple has an annual earning of Rs.30 crore and scores of devotees visit it every day. But the civic amenities provided at the temple leaves much to be desired. It would be better if a part of the earnings is properly utilised for providing adequate facilities.

B. Sethumadhavan,