Payment of bill

I visited the Madurai Metro AE/Palanganatham Section Office/TNEB on October 4 to pay consumption charges for August and September. The cashier refused to accept the payment of Ellis Nagar distribution and asked me to pay it at the Arasaradi section office stating that they are overburdened with work. The Superintending Engineer/Metro has announced that the public can pay their consumption charges at any section office in thecity after computerisation.I request the Superintending Engineer to instruct the officials concerned in this regard.

R. Gopalakrishnan,


Open drainage

I wish to point outthat there are two drainage holes in front of a seating arrangement provided for passengers adjoining the bus stop near the Madurai Junction and opposite Mangammal chowltry.

The authorities are requested to close them, which emanate bad smell and cause mosquito menace.

M. Muthuramalingam,


Caste system

Giving monetary incentive to encourage inter-caste marriages is no doubt a commendable step to wipe out the caste system from the society.

Deleting the caste column in application forms of Government services and educational institutions will be a powerful step in this regard. Will the politicians take necessary steps in this direction?

K. Narayanan,


Common syllabus

A controversy is raging as to whether all Matriculation schools should have common syllabus or not.

While the State government is for it,some educationists oppose it.

A common syllabus will entail common examinations and in these days of CET, it is better to have such a system.

J.G. Kanagaraj,