Water pipe

In Sukkarwarpett, near India Bank, a new Siruvani pipeline was laid last year. It took one week to complete the work, but it is still incomplete. The pipe outlet is kept open to open and close the water valve. The pipe outlet left four inches outside has been posing danger to people passing the road by vehicles and also to those who walk on it. Children frequently trip because of these outlets. Three children had their legs stuck in these outlets last month. I have complained many times to those who operate the valve and but nothing has been done.

Suresh Jain,


What a quality!

I am prompted to write you about the enhanced "quality of life" provided by the Corporation authorities and the elected members of different bodies to the residents of Kalidas Road, Ramnagar. I am sure that no other area will have the uniqueness as the stretch of Kalidas Road between Vivekananda Road junction and the western end of the suburban school ground. It has become the official garbage dump yard of Coimbatore Corporation since last four months and stinks throughtout the day.

It has become the parking lot of all kinds of trucks, buses, cars etc. that block movement of pedestrians and vehicular traffic. This is an undeclared public urinal for all males who pass by in this stretch. (Though there is a girls' school). It is about four months since street lights were not functioning in this stretch. With nobody to take care of and representations from the residents falling on deaf ears, will the authorities concerned take necessary action.

S. Balaji,

Dr. R. Jayaparvathy,


Parking system

Parking of vehicles only on one side on the Perur main road at Selvapuram has left four wheelers with no parking space. Parking of two wheelers can be on one side and four wheelers on the other side on alternate months on this wide road. This will alleviate the misery of the four wheeler users.

Dr. K. Rajasekaran,


No barricades

I fully agree with the view expressed by a reader in The Hindu (October 3). The shifting of sides every month for parking is unnecssary. Barricades in front of every shop should be eliminated as these lead to shortage of parking space. People can access shops from the bays available in front of the entrances to buildings. Haphazard parking of two wheelers is very common though there is a separate space for two wheelers. Stringent action like levying hefty fines is the corrective solution. Commercial complexes do not have their own parking facilities and shopkeepers should not be allowed to have barricades in front of their shops.

Venkataraman. Y,

R.S. Puram.

Green city

The news item `Spreading the Green message' (October 4) made an inspiring read. Keerthana John's mission at such a young age deserves all accolades. In this competitive, selfish world not everyone has the mission to raise trees. Unfortunately, Keerthana's penchant for trees is not shared by most officials appointed to safeguard our environment. We are living in times where environment perpetrators are making forests to disappear to pave way for concrete jungles and golf courses.

May Keerthana's mission sow the seeds of environment awareness in every reader's hearts. It is futile to expect the officials concerned to adorn our city with greeness. May Keerthana's green vision be emulated by every student and adult in our city. Together we can make Coimbatore attain a new name `Greening city'.

Anjoo Sharon,


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