Clean the area

The choked drainage channel in Anna Salai - TV School road junction in Rasipuram town poses serious health hazards to citizens. Dumping of waste arrests free flow of drainage water. Mosquitoes have proliferated in multitudes. Despite repeated requests from the residents of the area, authorities concerned have not taken any concrete measures to clean it. Rasipuram Municipality should initiate immediate action in this regard.

R. Palanisamy,


Incorrect English

Recently I happened to see a notice in English in a well-known hospital in Coimbatore. . The notice says: "Put off the cellphone in the hospital premises." The correct usage is: "Switch off the cellphone."

`Put off' is a phrasal verb which means `postpone'. `Put on a dress' means `wear a dress'. `Put down' means `control'. The verb `put' followed by different prepositions has different meanings. I hope the hospital authorities will correct the notice.

M.S. Sankaran,


Bus shelter

Recently I had to go to Periyar University by bus at noon. After completing my work, I had to wait for the town bus at the entrance of the university in the scorching sun, as there was no shelter in the busstop. As always we plan grand things well, but leave out small, yet very essential, public convenience facilities. I request authorities to take steps immediately to construct a bus shelter there.

V. Subburam,


A divine job

World Teacher's Day is celebrated on October 5. Teaching is indeed a divine work. It is an art. A teacher is a philosopher who not only imparts knowledge but moulds one's future too. Todayteaching has been made visual and it is more effective. Using black board and dictating notes to students won't make teaching very effective. Philosophers and scholars have proved that students learn four per cent by taste, six per cent by smell, seven per cent by touch, 14 per cent by hearing and 69 per cent by sight. A teacher should be a friend, a guide, a philosopher and a role model to his student. He should be affectionate, hardworking and communicate to students his ideas precisely and clearly.

V. Joseph Emmanuvel,


Ooty Lake

After a long time I visited Ooty Lake prompted by the enchanting photograph of the lake and connected report in The Hindu (October 4). From a spot close to children's park I looked at the lake and what I saw was a massive accumulation of water hyacinth in the lake.

To borrow a line from the English poet William Wordsworth: "Ten thousand saw I at a glance..." Way back in the nineties when Sheela Nair was the Collector, the hyacinths had almost been eliminated in a clean-up operation. Now, from their massive presence it seems they have returned with a vengeance.

P U Krishnan,


Canker of corruption

A recent investigative report in a bi-weekly Tamil journal has exposed corruption in the purchase and use of chemical solutions meant for killing mosquitoes which have been spreading chickungunya.

Dengue, which is said to be prevalent in the North, may invade the South too if proper preventive measures are not taken on time.

It is reported that thousands of people have been suffering from chickungunya in Tamil Nadu.

Pain in joints almost paralyses people for months. Health authorities could have effectively controlled the fast-spreading disease by destroying the mosquitoes. Corruption in such matters is despicable since it shows lack of feelings for fellow human beings.

A peaceful, yet powerful, mass movement is needed to save our society from the quagmire of corruption.

M. Vathapureeswaran,


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