Names in English

Destination names on all city buses in Coimbatore are in Tamil. People who do not know Tamil find it difficult to board the buses and go to their destinations. If names are written in English, those who don't know Tamil will be benefited. In Chennai the destination names are written both in English and Tamil. I request the authorities concerned to make arrangements for inscription of names in English on the city buses.

B. Janardhana Rao,


No lights

Coimbatore town busstands in Gandhipuram and Ukkadam often look deserted. There are no lights there in the night. Lights are lit up only outside. There is scope for lots of illegal activities if the Corporation does not care.



Unwise decision

The news about laying pipe from Puliakulam to Sanganur Canal beyond Sowripalayam to divert surplus water from Valankulam Tank (The Hindu, Nov. 18) has sent shock waves to residents in Kothari Layout, B.R.Nagar, Govindasamy Layout and Raja Nagar. The residents, already suffering from trauma and damages caused by floods on November 1 and 3, owing to overflow of sewage and rain water, cannot comprehend the rationale behind this. The unwise action of the authorities, instead of checking the overflow of water, has only strengthened the possibility of recurrence of floods in these layouts.

M.K. Nagaratnam,


Kothari Layout-B,R.Nagar Residents' Welfare Association, Trichy Road.

Act fast

There is no proper drainage system Edayarpalayam. The area looks very ugly. Because of poor drainage system lots of diseases are spreading here. The Corporation should act soon.

S. Balamani,


Entrance exam

The recommendation to scrap entrance examination to professional colleges should be welcomed by all. Students do not concentrate in other subjects except the main one when there is entrance examination. Many coaching classes minted money because of the entrance exam system.

R. Jeyatheerthan,


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