beat note book

This is with reference to the news item that appeared in The Hindu on April 26 about the admission of the Mayor that she was not able to go for inspections owing to non-availability of officials.

She had also added that sanitary inspectors were also not on the field.

I feel that some kind of beat note book should be introduced in the case of each Sanitary and Revenue Inspector so that their daily duties can be inspected at superior level and lapses be checked.

Will the Mayor, Deputy Mayor and Corporation Commissioner consider the above suggestion?

S.R. Nathan,


Free TV scheme

There are a lot of complaints about the quality of TV sets distributed so far to the public and in the method of selection of beneficiaries.

It is earnestly hoped that Government will review the entire issue.

An improvement to the scheme could be thought of, whereby, instead of TV sets, toilets could be provided to all the houses in villages, which would improve sanitation conditions in rural areas, and gobar gas plants, which would result in fuel economy.

Dalmiapuram Gannesan,


Display coach numbers

I went to see off a friend who was proceeding to New Delhi by the Madurai-Jammu Tawi link express train.

The coach number was not displayed on any of the compartment.

I request the Railway authorities to display the coach numbers on both the sides of the compartment.

G. Srikanth,


Queue system

At Egmore, the Railway Protection Force on the platform regularly assist in forming a queue for passengers to board the unreserved compartments in Pallavan Express and Vaigai Express trains at both the ends. But at Tiruchi Junction this practice is absent causing hardship to passengers.It will be of help to the public if the same queue procedure is followed at the Tiruchi Junction also.

P. Sarangapani,


Dangerous platform

While getting down from coach number four of Tiruchi bound Pallavan Exress at Srirangam recently a middle-aged woman was about to fall beneath in the track. Luckily, she was saved by a fellow passenger. This is due to the low level of the platform. As a stopgap arrangement the halting time of this train at Srirangam may be increased. So that passengers could alight without panic.



Revive rail-road link

The rail-road link between Mayiladuthurai and Tranquebar that was abandoned on December 30, 2006, may be revived. Tranquebar is an important spot in this region for various reasosns. So it will be of help to the people, if the link is reintroduced.

A.E.R. Samuel,


Regulate darshan system

This is with reference to the news item, "More amenities for Srirangam Temple" that appeared on April 23., 2007, revealed the real interest on the part of Mr. Venkatachalam, Chairman, Board of Trustees. The long pending demand of the devotees with regard to Srirangam temple, includes permitting of Dharshan at Thayar and Sakkrathalvar sannidhis all times on the analogy of Perumal Dharshan and the improvements to "Samaya Noolagam."

Whenever there is a long queue in the free dharshan of Perumal and Thayar, devotees try to break the queue and join in the middle evoking protests from others waiting behind. The watchmen of the temple should be entrusted with the job of regulating the queue.

A. Sampath,


Exhibit bus number, timings

The public of Thennur-Thillainagar are thankful to the Transport Minister for arranging four trips of buses to operate from central bus stand to Srirangam via Thennur High Road and the overbridge. This obviates the necessity to change at Chatram bus stand to go to Srirangam.

It will be convenient for the commuters if the number and timings of such buses, which proceed via Thennur, are indicated in a small board at the Srirangam Terminus and Thennur Bus Stop.

S. Renganathan,


Bus terminus

Devadhanam is not an ideal location for the proposed bus terminus not only on pollution grounds but also due to lack of approach to Tiruchi town.

There is also a little scope for road construction or widening the existing stretch (on one side only) on the western side. Another trouble, is the Oyamari cremation ground, which is a bottleneck. It would be better, if the central bus stand is located at Defence Grounds in Mannarpuram, which is also nearest to railway junction and the present bus stand.

A.V. Narayanan,


Post office closure

It is learnt that the Department of Posts has decided to close Srinivasanagar sub post office at Srirangam. Withdrawal of the existing facility will cause hardship to the public, as the next nearest post office is one km away.

I request the officials concerned to drop the move.




Residents in and around Srinivasanagar of Tiruvanaikoil are unhappy over the decision to close the sub post office in the locality. The post office caters to the needs of people in Srinivasanagar, Gandhi Road, T.V.Koil main Bazaar, Burma colony, large number of big flats and other dwellings around it.

Hence, it would be better if the officials reverse their decision.

Veena Prasad,


Rash driving

by buses

This is with reference to the news item, "Fatal accidents on the rise, owing to reckless driving" that appeared on April 7, 2007.

It is time to hit the nail on the crux of the problem of city's bus service. Indeed the ever rising accident graph has shattered the confidence of the general public.

As narrated, there is a tough competition/road race between city and private buses. So, they flout all road rules.

The traffic police remain a mute spectator.

Drivers, who are involved in more than three accidents in a year, should be stripped off their driving license. Similarly, all drivers of the city buses should be sent for counselling regularly.

H. Ghouse Baig,