Timely help

Apropos the news item about Maternity Assistance ( The Hindu , dated April 24), the refugees are very thankful to the benevolent gesture shown by the Tamil Nadu Government. The cash assistance given to pregnant women will be of immense help to them. The women refugees from Sri Lanka will not forget this timely help. Such a gesture paves way for state and national unity.

M.S. Sankaran


Check usefulness to applicants

When passports are issued within a time frame, it becomes news. My application with the Passport Office, Tiruchi, is pending with them for more than seven months (Fil - E028884 dated 12.08.06). With all sincerity, they have given telephone enquiry numbers, e-mail ID and SMS facility. But one should be lucky enough to get access through any of these. The only way to check the status is to go to their web site. I wish that the authorities concerned check once in a while whether their channels of communication are really helpful to the applicants. I chose to send a telegram to inform them about the pending of my passport application. I am yet to get a response.

K.S. Subramanian


Cover storm water drains

In North Veli Street, a long rainwater channel has been built parallel to the platform but it is not covered. The newly built channel has now become a dustbin and the very purpose of its construction is defeated. It is right time to close the channel with cement sheets allowing the rainwater to flow through it uninterruptedly. I request the Corporation to do the needful immediately.

R.G. Rethinam


Prevent publicity craze

The mushrooming cut-outs/flexi boards and posters in front of marriage halls sets a bad precedent and indicates a publicity craze for family functions.

Without getting permission and scant regard for safety measures, these flexi boards are put up on temporary structures that cannot withstand a strong wind and may fall on any passer-by on main thoroughfares. They divert the attention of drivers and those put up in street corners hampers the view of approaching vehicles.

Firecrackers are also burst these days in front of the marriage halls bringing the traffic to a halt for several minutes.

Awareness campaigns may bring an attitudinal change so that money spent on these extravaganzas can be given as donation to deserving people.

The Madurai Police Commissioner, A. Subramanian, has set an example by celebrating his son's marriage in a simple manner recently.

After all marriages are family functions and is it proper to inconvenience the public in any way?

T. Srinivasa Rengan


Right move

In the wake of the spate of robberies that took place in the city very recently, a sense of insecurity prevails among the people.

To illustrate a few, a notebook shop owner was waylaid in Tallakulam area and was relived of more than Rs. 2 lakhs.

In Karimedu, a house was burgled and 15 sovereigns of gold ornaments were taken away.

A gold chain was snatched away from a lady who was drawing "Rangoli" in front of her house and a man made off with a gold chain from a woman near Pandiyan Hotel. While one is clueless about when the culprits in all these cases will be apprehended, it is gratifying to see that the public officials of the higher echelons realising perhaps, the need to relieve anxiety and infuse confidence, have held an interactive session with the residents' welfare associations and given useful tips towards crime prevention (Reporter's Diary by S. Vijayakumar and S. Sunder, The Hindu , April 23).

I hope that the people will adhere to these instructions and take all precautions, since it is impossible for the constabulary to be present everywhere and every time.

V. Krishnamoorthy