Remove tree

An old banyan tree on the Arapalayam Cross Road at Alagaradi is almost dead and stands in a precarious position. Since it may fall any time, the tree poses danger to road users. In such an eventuality, it will block the road and disrupt traffic. Hence I request the authorities to remove the tree as early as possible.

G. Chitti Babu,

Velmurugan Nagar,

Divert buses

If buses coming from the Fatima College side to Arapalayam bus stand are diverted from Kamarajar bridge to use the Vaigai embankment road, traffic snarls at AA Road, Arapalayam, can be avoided.

P. Ramasubramanian,


Repair road

The stretch of the Race Course Road between the TNEB Office and the District Courts complex is full of potholes. Two-wheeler and four-wheeler riders find it very difficult to use this stretch. I request the authorities to repair this road immediately.

M. Sundararajan,

Surveyor Colony

Water shortage

During my visit to Kodaikanal last month, I witnessed people scrambling to collect water from tankers. Since a large number of tourists visit Kodaikanal, the water shortage is felt more. When enquired, local residents said the municipality was supplying water once a fortnight. It is baffling that the government has not taken any initiative to harvest the copious rain this hilly region receives for most of the year. Small check-dams or ponds could be built to preserve rainwater to meet the growing needs of the residents and visitors.

DSM. Mohaideen,

Velmurugan Nagar

Subway near GRH

The pedestrian subway near the Government Rajaji Hospital (GRH) is used to some extent ever since the median on the Panagal Road was extended to make people use the idle facility. If handrails are fixed on the stairs, it will be of help to children and old people. Moreover, the Meenakshi College authorities should advise their students to use the subway since the girls use the GRH bus stop. Encroachments on the platform must be cleared. As it becomes dark inside the subway early in the evening, the automatic power-on system could be reset to 6 p.m.

R. Dhana Sekharan,

Kalai Nagar


The streetlight (lamp post 3K/88) in Subashini Nagar, Surveyor Colony, has not been working for the past two months. In spite of several requests, no action has been taken to replace the bulb. Owing to the darkness, many thefts have occurred in this locality of late. The residents find it difficult to venture out after 7 p.m. Will the authorities do the needful?

M.R. Mohan,

Subashini Nagar

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