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Biometric system

The Tamil Nadu government’s Health Department has recently introduced biometric attendance system in all government hospitals as a measure to enforce timely attendance of medical and paramedical staff. It is a step in the right direction which has to be appreciated by all. I would suggest and request the Chief Minister to extend this system to all departments of the government to enforce attendance discipline among the staffers. This will surely bring reforms in the matter of attendance by government staff.

Asmabagh Anvardeen,


Extend service to Rameswaram

The Southern Railway has proposed to operate a train service between Tiruchendur and Palani. Rameswaram is also an important temple town like Tiruchendur and Palani. Now a passenger train is operated from Rameswaram to Madurai. It may be linked at Madurai with the Palani train or the Tiruchendur-Palani train can have slip coaches for Rameswaram. It will be of much use to pilgrims.

V. Rajendran,



It is sad that encroachments and obstructions on roads and streets remain un-cleared in Ramanathapuram. Even after the residents taking up the issue with the municipality, due to the indifference of authorities, the issue stands unresolved. Dumping of construction materials such as sand and bricks on the roadsides results in accidents and traffic snarls.

Roadside small temples are also causing obstruction, leaving not even enough space to let people pass in a single file.

Encroachments on certain roads are removed once in a while but the whole operation becomes a farce since the encroachers pitch up their tents again, shopkeepers put up cement steps and asbestos shelters on the platforms, unmindful of inconveniences caused to the public. Eviction of encroachments must be carried out on a permanent basis, if it is to yield any purposeful result.

G. Nagasamy,


Medicinal systems

There are many types (systems) of medicine to cure diseases. Of these, allopathy, homeopathy, ayurveda and siddha are familiar among people. While allopathy gives instant relief, the other systems with slow progress give permanent relief. The allopathic system has side affects but one cannot reject the argument that organ replacement is possible only in it, The cost of allopathic treatment has become very high even though there are many hospitals to meet peoples’ needs. For instance, the cost of treatment for dengue fever in allopathic system goes as high as Rs. 25,000. Similar is the case of chikungunya too. Even to take treatment for a fever it costs about Rs.500 whereas in siddha system it is below 100.

Many find effective relief in siddha medicine. For example, ‘nilavembu kasayam’ is more effective to combat fevers like chikungunya and dengue. There are traditional medical practitioners / healers to give relief in respect of snake bites, with less expense too. Thus people must be offered to cure the diseases by comparing the performance, quality of service, period of curing with their financial capability on each system of medicine.

The Central and State governments should encourage more systems of medicine other than allopathy, which has become a monopoly by creating ‘medical markets.’ This has created an unhealthy competition among systems of medicine. People must have a choice to select the type of system with bearable medical expenses.

K. Somasundaram,


Give more details

Ramanathaswamy Temple in Rameswaram is known for its sanctity and as per tradition people who intend Kasi yatra have to visit this town twice. The third corridor in this temple is world famous since it is the longest one. The work on the 1212 pillars-supported corridor took 30 years to complete. James Ferguson praised it as a finest example of Dravidian Architecture. Whoever visits this corridor is wonder struck about the stone materials used for construction and the scenes from the Ramayana and other popular tales from puranas depicted on them. All these works are made up of limestone.

The visitors wonder from where these huge stones were brought, as the island is full of sand. Foundation stones in the four corners show few details such as the number of pillars, length and the ruler who constructed it. Contrary to it, Sanchi in Madhya Pradesh and Taj Mahal in Uttar Pradesh have departmental boards with more details such as variety of stone used, important events etc.

It will be a feast to the eyes when the ongoing painting works get completed in this corridor. The authorities should put up boards containing a brief history and uniqueness of the place to make the visit more enjoyable and enlightening.

N. Jeyakanthan,





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