I was very happy to read the report on the development works in the Coimbatore railway junction (November 22). However, the crying need there is the construction of a ramp to help people to the platforms.

At present people, especially physically challenged, the sick, senior citizens, women with babes in their arms have to struggle to reach the platforms and at the exit and entrance points.

I request the railway authorities and the elected representatives to look into this problem and take steps to have a ramp installed.


BU Post, Coimbatore.

Reckless driving

Heavy vehicles such as trucks and buses are driven recklessly on Mettupalayam Road.

Two two-wheeler riders died at this spot in one month.

There should a system to monitor and regulate movement of vehicles on this road as driving on this road has become a nightmare.

George K.

Vada Madurai P.O. Coimbatore.

Ordeal on roads

It is an ordeal to travel between Thudiyalur and Kavundampalayam because of heavy traffic.

So is the case with Nallampalayam Pirivu.

Vehicles can be

seen lined up till GN Mills and reaching hospitals through this area in times of emergency is a herculean task.

Palanikumar V.

Mettupalayam Road, Thudiyalur. (Readers can mail to cbereaders@ thehindu.co.in with address and phone number)