Heavy rain lashed different parts of the district particularly the catchement areas on Tuesday resulting in the raise in the storage level in all the dams particularly in Pechipparai, Perunchani, Chittar I and Chittar II.

According to sources, the maximum rainfall of 41.6 mm was recorded at Surulode followed by 39.2 mm in Perunchani, 39 mm in Puthen dam, 35.4 mm in Boothapandi, 28 mm in Chittar II, 25.2 mm in Kannimar, 25 mm in Chittar I, 23.2 m in Myladi, 22 mm in Thiruvattar, 13 mm in Nagercoil, 8 mm in Anaikidanku and 3.6 mm in Kottaram.

The inflow into Pechipparai dam was 213 cusecs, 192 cusecs in Perunchani, 41 cusecs in Chittar I and 61 cusecs in Chittar II. The water level in Pechipparai dam stood at 40 feet, 50.20 feet in Perunchani, 8.86 feet in Chittar I, 8.95 feet in Chittar II, 19 feet in Poigai and 10.80 feet in Mukkadal dam.