Following heavy rains for the fourth consecutive day on Saturday, water level in all the major dams in Kanyakumari district is increasing.

Normal life has been affected and rainwater has inundated low-lying areas. Motorists are facing hardship — many vehicles at Kaliyakkavilai, Kuzhithurai, Marthandam, Mulagumoodu, Thuckalay, Chunkankadai and Parvathipuram had been parked on the roadside as the drivers could not drive the vehicle.

Even as the farmers are happy with abundant water for irrigation, workers in of brick kilns and tappers in rubber estates had been put to hardship since there was no work for them.

The level in Pechipparai dam stood at 39.15 feet on Saturday — it was 67.30 feet in Perunchani, 16.07 feet in Chittar I, 16.17 feet in Chittar II and 25 feet in Mukkoodal dam.