The catchment areas in the district witnessed heavy downpour on Tuesday, which resulted in rapid increase in the water level in all the reservoirs like Pechipparai, Perunchani, Chittar I, Chittar II and Mampazathuraiyaru.

The rise in the level was remarkable in Mukkadal dam which had increased from minus 11.25 feet (storage water) to minus 13 feet.

The Nagercoil municipal authority heaved a sigh of relief as it could ensure uninterrupted supply of drinking water to its residents following the increase in the level in Mukkadal dam. A total of 125 tanks in the district are full to the brim and about 600 tanks are filled to 50 percent of their total capacity following the incessant rain.

The rainfall recorded in various areas is as follows: Pechipparai — 16.4 mm, Perunchani — 10.2 mm, Chittar I — 30.2 mm, Chittar II — 26.2 mm, Mullankinavilai — 11 mm, Nagercoil — 4.7 mm, Boothapandi — 11.9 mm, Surulode — 16.2 mm, Kannimar — 13.4 mm, Aralvoimozhi — 4 mm, Koziporvilai — 16 mm, Adayamadai — 14 mm, Kurunthencode — 8.4 mm, Colachel — 19 mm, Eraniel — 16.4 mm, Kottaram — 6.3 mm and Balamore — 26.3 mm.

Water is expected to be released from Pechipparai and Perunchani dams for irrigation on June 20.