Various parts of the district witnessed widespread rain for the last two days bringing cheers to farmers as they can save withering crops particularly in the tail-end areas.

Poigai dam areas, Aralvoimozhi and Boothapandi received the maximum rainfall of 46 mm. The rainfall recorded in other areas were as follows: 19 mm in Pechipparai, 14.8 mm in Perunhani, 4 mm in Chittar I, 6 mm in Chittar II, 30 mm in Mambazathuraiyaru, 32.5 mm in Nagercoil, 24 mm in Surulode, 41.2 mm in Kanyakumari, 21 mm in Balamore, 44.2 mm in Myladi, 43.8 mm in Kottaram, 16.2 mm in Eraniel, 29 mm in Alanchi, 26.4 mm in Colachel, 37.2 mm in Kurunthencode, 22 mm in Adayamadai and 15 mm in Puthen dam.

Farmers expect rain tonight also. The inflow into dams was increasing. Pechipparai dam witnessed an inflow of 210 cusecs and Perunchani dam 42 cusecs.