The Kanyakumari District Railway Users’ Association has urged the Railway Ministry to operate the ‘Thirukkural Express’ on a daily basis.

In a memorandum to Railway Minister Paswan Kumar Bansal, secretary of the association, P. Edward Jeni said that Delhi and the north central region had a large number of Tamil population, of which more than 50 percent were from central and south Tamil Nadu.

A large number of people from these regions were also working in the Defence as well as in the para-military forces posted in Jammu Kashmir, Punjab, Haryana and other northern States.

The Indian Railways operated very limited services to these regions from New Delhi and yet it operated popular trains, including the Tamil Nadu Express (daily), GT Express (daily), Rajdhani, Douranto, Garib Rath, Andaman Nicobar Express, etc. up to Chennai Central only.

Operating trains up to Chennai Central causes lot of inconvenience to the people, who intend to continue their journey further south.

Presently, the Indian Railways operates Thirukkural Express (No. 12641/12642) (weekly) up to Kanyakumari via; Chennai Egmore, Tiruchi, Madurai, and Tamil Nadu Sampark Kranthi Express (Bi-weekly) up to Madurai via Chennai Egmore, Tiruchi. Besides, it operates Himsagar -Navyug Express (weekly) between Jammu Tawi and Kanyakumari - Tirunelveli. This clearly shows that the central and south Tamil Nadu has been neglected by the Indian Railways, said the secretary of the association.