Rail passengers, especially travellers in long-distance trains, look for a better system to address complaints promptly.

The existing scope for them to register complaints with the station masters en route is a cumbersome process, frequent travellers say.

The little duration of train stoppage would hardly be sufficient to make entry of the complaints in the books maintained by the station masters and the deputy station masters en route, according to them. Discomfort for the travellers, says Ramachandran, a frequent traveller in long-distance trains, occurs mainly due to two reasons: maintenance of toilets, and the helplessness of the travelling ticket examiners to check people entering into reserved compartments.

Travelling ticket examiners are required to provide the complaint books they carry along to travellers intending to convey their disgust, but searching for the TTEs becomes an ordeal, according to C.S. Gowthaman, Member, Zonal Railway Users Consultative Committee.