V. S. Palaniappan

‘This will change the face of politics across the country’

Coimbatore: The Youth Congress will end the practice of nominating people to politics “based on connections and money power” and opportunities will be open for deserving and promising candidates, said General Secretary of the All India Congress Committee Rahul Gandhi here on Thursday. He promised a free, fair and transparent election process in Youth Congress.

He was addressing the members of the Youth Congress from Erode, Tirupur, Coimbatore and the Nilgiris. “Not just in Congress in the past. Till now even in other parties, be it All India Anna Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam or Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam, there is a culture of nominating people who are connected, related to senior leaders and those with money power”.

Mr. Rahul Gandhi said Youth Congress would now have elections. Henceforth prospective candidates, regardless of background, gender, caste and community, would get to become candidates at all the multiple levels of elections such as Panchayat, Assembly and Lok Sabha. “What will matter henceforth would be what the candidate is, what is he doing and how popular is he among the members and local people”.

Such a scenario will end the “culture of nominations in politics and ensure democracy paving the way for deserving, promising and meritorious youth”. This will not just change the face of politics in Tamil Nadu but also across the country, he asserted. The process had begun for mobilisation of Youth Congress and this would lead to a decision on who should be the leader to make the State and the country safe.

Mr. Gandhi also pointed out that all along youth and politics had remained away from each other and the energy of the youth had not been tapped both in Tamil Nadu as well as across the country.

Opposition parties

Recalling his experiences wherein the opposition parties had ridiculed the attempts in the Congress to ensure democracy, he said the question raised then was whether Congress would be able to capture power.

The outcome of Lok Sabha elections in 2009 had shut the mouth of the opposition parties, he said.

He wound up reminding the Youth Congress members that the Youth Congress would change the face and destiny of Tamil Nadu.