Staff Reporter

"Varmam techniques are effective"

Nagercoil: The Indian National Trust for Art and Cultural Heritage has urged the State Government to set up a `varmam' art centre here for the revitalisation of ancient native martial art and medical system.

At a seminar here recently, Sreeram, a siddha doctor, said that `varmam,' a native martial art as well as medicine for ailments like rheumatism arthritis, ling ailments, bone injuries and back aches, should be given a new life as this native medicine was gradually on the decline, owing to lack of local and international patronage.

While nations such as China, Germany and France extended government patronage to native systems of medicine, some of the indigenous systems in India were dying down slowly, owing to lack of patronage.

Arjun, a `varmam' exponent, while demonstrating techniques, said that some of the techniques were very effective and should be incorporated into the modern medical system. Physiotherapists and massage technicians could benefit from `varmam' techniques as touching the vital points and nerve ends with varying force was the gist of this ancient art.

Henry Louis, an agricultural scientist and exponent of `varmam,' said that Kanyakumari district was rich in `varmam' exponents and added that the then King Marthanda Varma of the erstwhile Travancore State extended patronage to `varmam' exponents.