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MLAs' recommendations will lead to nepotism: Varadarajan

KARAIKAL: N. Varadarajan, the State secretary of the Communist Party of India (Marxist), has urged the Puducherry Government to do away with the current procedure of allotting house site pattas for the poor on the recommendation from the MLAs as it will lead to nepotism.

Talking to media persons here on Sunday, Mr. Varadarajan said that it was not proper to make the poor to approach the MLAs for recommending for house site pattas and pointed out that the Government, instead, should come up with norms for proper distribution of pattas through fool-proof machinery, he said.

Proposed airport

at Karaikal

Answering a question on the proposed establishment of an airport in Karaikal, Mr. Varadarajan said that the Government should conduct public hearing and elicit the views of the public before finalising the project.

The CPM leader pointed out that the Dalit chiefs of local bodies in Tamil Nadu were not able to wield their powers even to perform routine activities.

So Mr. Varadarajan called for measures to enable them to discharge their duties.

Mr. Varadarajan urged the Central Government to implement the recommendations of the M.S. Swaminathan Committee to improve the economic conditions of the rural population.

He wanted the Tamil Nadu Government to recover the public lands that were grabbed by the industries and educational institutions and distribute them to the poor.