Public Works Department will take up the removal of silt at the A and B canals in Thanjavur district this year at a cost of Rs.5.66 crore over a distance of 602.20 km, according to a press release issued by M.S.Shanmugham, District Collector, here on Saturday.

A total of 191 works will be taken up and these will be completed before June 18 when water released from Mettur dam on June 6th is expected to reach tail-end areas.

21 canals

Removal of silt will be done in 21 canals coming under Cauvery division and 15 canals coming under Vennar division in Thiruvaiyaru Assembly constituency.

In Papanasam Assembly removal of silt will be carried out in 23 canals under Cauvery division and 17 under Vennar division.

Thanjavur Assembly

In Thanjavur Assembly constituency work will be taken up at the Oothuvari canal, Pudupattinam drainage canal, Samudram lake drainage, Jambukapuram drainage coming under Grand Anicut canal division.

Works in Rampuram canal, Vadakal canal, Maravanapathu canal coming under Vennar division will also be taken up.


In Thiruvidaimaruthur Assembly constituency work in 19 canals coming under Cauvery division, Mayiladuthurai, and 22 canals under Cauvery divsion, Thanjavur, are to be taken up.

In Kumbakonam Assembly constituency silt in 14 canals under Cauvery division will be removed.

In Orathanadu Assembly constituency work will be taken up at Kovilur canal, Vadaseri canal, Ponneri canal, Melavannipattu canal, Kannathankudi Keelaiyur canal, Keelaulur canal and Keelamarichikatti canal coming under GA canal division and Kannanaru canal, Singaneri drainage, Vedhapurai drainage coming under Agniyar division .

In Pattukottai Assembly constituency works at Vadakadu branch canal, Pattuvanachi drainage, Nasuviniyar drainage and Kannanar drainage are to be taken up.

Removal of silt will be carried out in seventeen canals in Peravurani Assembly constituency.