The Puducherry police on Friday arrested a vehicle lifter and recovered 15 vehicles from him.

Parvez Ahamed, Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) told reporters here that V. Baskaran (26) of Olakkur near Tindivanam in Tamil Nadu, who was caught by the police at a junction on Kamaraj Salai along with a two-wheeler, confessed to the crime that he had so far lifted 51 vehicles, mostly parked in residential colonies and on commercial streets of Puducherry.

Parking lots

Instead of taking the lifted vehicles to his house, he used to park them in parking lots in Tindivanam and a few other places until he found a party to sell them.

He had so far disposed of 16 vehicles at cheap prices, ranging from Rs.5000 to 10000.

He would sell mostly to people residing in remote rural areas.

S. Ramaraj, Superintendent of Police, North, said the police recovered 15 vehicles parked in different parking lots in Tindivanam.

Enquiries were on with Baskar to collect more information about those who bought vehicles from him. The police had planned to take him into police custody.

  • He has lifted 51 vehicles so far from the UT

  • He had disposed of 16 so far