Special Correspondent

Plea from Association of Farmers of Kombakkam

  • "Satellite towns should normally come up on non-fertile land"
  • Refer how Tamil Nadu has abandoned such a project

    Puducherry: The Association of Farmers of Kombakkam village has appealed to the administration to drop its move to create a satellite town as the project will involve acquisition of vast stretches of fertile lands.

    President of the association R. Srinivasan said that the scheme to establish the town, through acquisition of farmlands, would be a step that would be contrary to what the All India Congress Committee leader, Sonia Gandhi, had said.

    The leader had taken the stand that no fertile land should be acquired for any scheme. Mr. Srinivasan said in a release here on Thursday that Kombakkam was a fertile segment within the limits of Puducherry.

    Any plan to create a satellite town would be a step in the wrong direction.