Schemes targeted to enhance the livelihood means of fishermen residing in Puducherry and Karaikal regions to get a boost with the territorial administration approaching World Bank seeking financial assistance to the tune of Rs. 250 crore. Recently, the Department of Economic Affairs of the Union government submitted the proposal mooted by the Puducherry government to the World Bank for sanctioning the sum under the scheme, Tsunami Emergency Rehabilitation Project- 11 (TERP-11), sources in the government told TheHindu .

The need to approach the international financial institution was necessitated after the Bank wound up TERP-1 for which a sum of Rs. 182 crore was sanctioned for housing and livelihood improvement works for tsunami affected fishermen. Of the total sanctioned sum, Rs. 75 crore was released and as the administration could not cope with the deadline set by the Bank for taking up various projects, TERP-1 was scrapped in December last year, sources said.

Modern hygienic fish market

Using the allocated sum of Rs. 75 crore, the Project Implementation Agency, which was constituted for overseeing tsunami rehabilitation programme, had taken up various projects such as construction of modern fish markets, improvement works in the existing fish markets, construction of work shelters, construction of administrative building for Puducherry fishing harbour, maintenance and dredging works at Ariyankuppam River mouth and effluent treatment plants. Apart from this, a sum of Rs. 2.8 lakh each was distributed to as many as 1,451 fishermen for construction of houses, sources said.

While several livelihood programmes are at various stages of completion, including the modern hygienic fish market coming up at Puducherry on ECR near Lawspet, some of them have been stopped half way due to paucity of funds. Once the Bank sanctions the amount, pending works would be expedited and new works would be taken up, said a PIA official adding that a major share of the sum would be utilised for construction of work shelters in a large number of coastal villages of Puducherry and Karaikal regions.

The PIA had estimated that a sum of Rs. 124 crore was needed to construct the shelters, which would be used to store engines of boats in a closed and safe environment near the sea and an amount of Rs. 35 crore would be utilised for housing projects.

The remaining amount would be used by the Electricity, Public Works and Fire Service Departments, sources added.