In Ramanthapuram, the junction in front of Travellers’ Bungalow from where the road to Kilakkarai branches off from the highway is an important one. It should be provided with permanent divider and a triangular-shaped traffic island for easy flow of vehicular traffic from/to Keelakarai. I request the authorities to inspect the spot and carry out improvements needed.

Asmabagh Anvardeen,


Working hours

The working hours at the reservation counter in Paramakudi railway station are 8 a.m. to 12 a.m. and 2.30 p.m. to 5 p.m. whereas it is 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. in Ramanathapuram. I appeal to the railways to change the working hours in Paramakudi as in Ramanathapuram.

V. Rajendran,


Make the most of surplus water

Owing to unprecedented rain last month, the Vaigai was in spate and floodwater filled Mugavai oorani in Ramanathapuram to the brim. Surplus water was let into the sea through south and north regulators. The PWD authorities do not seem to worry much about wasteful discharge of water. To avoid such a wastage, a check-dam should be constructed in Sakkarakottai tank to store water.

Besides Mugavai oorani, Lakshmipuram oornai and Pamboorani should also be filled with Vaigai water at times of flood. These three ooranis, once the drinking water sources of Ramanathapuram, should be fenced and watchmen posted to prevent misuse. The town will get surface water supply from these ooranis and Sakkarakottai tank as in the case of Chennai getting water from Puzhaleri, Poondi and Chemparampakkam lakes.

G. Nagasamy,


English teaching

Apropos the news item “Importance of conversation control” (The Hindu, April 18), it is pertinent to note that classroom English teaching in higher secondary and college level should be streamlined and translation-oriented teaching should be made compulsory. Simple sentences such as “He was there,” “Were you born in a city?,” “How is she?,” “How much do they spend?,” etc., should be translated in Tamil to kindle an interest in English among students. Translation of interrogative pronouns — whose, who, which, for what — and other allied items of grammar should also help in teaching. Reading habit should be encouraged among students to improve their communication skill in English. Teachers ought to play a vital role with regard to teaching of English.

M. S. Sankaran,


Train to Kanyakumari

Rameswaram is a major tourism centre, attracting pilgrims from all over the country. The visitors include aged people. From here, there is no direct train service to Kanyakumari, an equally important tourist centre. To travel between these two places, one has to either change trains at Madurai or take a bus – both are arduous. I request the railways to introduce daily train services, at least fast passengers, between these two places via Madurai and Tirunelveli.

Since, train services will be introduced on the new broad gauge line to Tiruchendur, those bound for the temple town can also change trains at Tirunelveli.

K. K. Krishnamurthy,