Marthuva Malai en route Kanyakumari attracts pilgrims, trekkers and tourists.

Yet, it lacks basic facilities. Local population should encourage social forestry to provide a green cover. Saplings should be planted to make it shady and comfortable. Grazing should be strictly banned. During the Travancore era steps were provided. The hillock should be electrified and illuminated, as it will be a captivating sight to see the hillock at night. It also helps the tourists and pilgrims even after the day falls.

Samson Aseervatham,


Commercialisation of tatkal scheme

The tatkal scheme in railways is introduced to fulfil the needs of the people who have to undertake unexpected journeys.

The tickets were are allowed to be booked on the date of journey only with additional cost. Urgent and emergency situations were thus met earlier. Now, the system seems to have been commercialised and the tickets are being sold at an additional cost of Rs.150 from any day prior to five days before the commencement of the journey though reservation in the trains is closed on the date of beginning of reservation itself.

Thus the cost of tickets is increased by Rs.150 indirectly.

N. Kasilingam,


Expedite completion of drainage system

The incomplete drainage system causes impediments to Tuticorin.

The drainage system was sanctioned by the previous Government in 2002 which is not started in Tuticorin by the present Government.

Due to rain, water is stagnating on streets and main roads proliferating mosquitoes and dirty smell, which create health hazard to the people.

Commuters are seriously troubled to travel on roads, which cause accidents.

The drainage system must be started immediately so that accidents will be reduced.

M. Sankar Ganesh,


Additional charges in special buses

I boarded a special bus of the Tamil Nadu Government at Tiruchendur to go to Tirunelveli.

I tendered Rs.20 to the conductor telling him the destination, who issued a ticket for the same amount as against Rs.17.50 being the normal charges.

When asked, he said that it was the charges for the special buses.

A co-passenger said that they do so to make a round figure, may be out of his experience. Even in that case Rs.18.00 is the rounded off figure for Rs.17.50 and not Rs.20 causing a burden to the passenger of Rs.2.50.

Indian Railways too run special trains every now and then to clear rush and does not charge anything extra as special rate.

K.K. Krishnamurthy,