Residents lay siege to sub-station

Long hours of power cut, extending up to 18 hours a day, has forced residents to come out on the streets to stage protests in Villupuram and Cuddalore district.

At Marakkanam, traders and residents laid siege to a sub-station holding lanterns and torches on Saturday, demanding normal power supply.

Residents of Mangalampettai near Vriddhachalam blocked traffic on Friday night in protest against the dismal power situation.

They said that intermittent and unannounced power cuts, stretching over 14 hours, caused hardships to all sections of society. Students could not study and women could not perform household chores. Children and the aged were put to great hardship.

As residential areas plunged into darkness most part of the night, houses became an easy target for robbers.

Poisonous reptiles too entered houses posing threat to lives. Power cuts also affected health as mosquito repellents could not be used.

When police asked the agitators at Mangalampettai to disperse, they insisted that officials of Tamil Nadu Generation and Distribution Corporation should come over there and promise them regular power supply.

After tahsildar Gandhi and Deputy Superintendent of Police Venkatesan promised them improved power supply, they dispersed well past midnight.